P.U.N.K.S.™ (Powerful Useful Nasty Kommando Scums) are 1:24 scale (approx. 3 inches/7,5cm) articulated action figures.


Produced in small and limited quantities, made of art-grade hard resin, hand-cast and hand-painted by professionnal staff, the P.U.N.K.S. have 5 points of articulation and accessories.


Complete sets of three different characters with free poster and stickers are available now.

$29 / set

P.U.N.K.S. COMIC/////

Read the free P.U.N.K.S.stupid origins comic, here and now!

Learn the story behind these crazy gremlins...

9 cheap-ass pages of stupidity and madness:

  as seen on TOYSREVIL and TENACIOUS TOYS    

Made to fit with the classic Mask toys made by Kenner in the 80's.

(classic toys are shown for comparison only and are unrelated with Laserpunk toys).

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